Catwalking DC Fashion Week AW15


With Firefly Africa Asia Designer Ellen London || Photography by Phelan Marc

My weekly dose of fashion is coming your way a with a bit of a [snow] delay this week, but it’s a good one, I promise! Braving the cold and the snow last weekend, DC fashionistas, bloggers, models, designers, and photographers came together to put on, and enjoy a few amazing shows for DC Fashion Week. It all kicked off with Opening Night on H Street for the NextGen designers show, followed by a Fashion Industry Networking party on Thursday at Dirty Martini. On Friday, Haute & Modesty Designers showcased their works, and Saturday was time for the Metropolitan Emerging Designers and Indie Artists to bask in the spotlight.  On Sunday, at Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square, designers from many corners of the world joined forces for one very authentic and fashionable finale.

School and work limited my fashion week attendance, but I was able to partake in the festivities on Thursday night at Dirty Martini. Although it was less networking, and more dancing, I still met some wonderful fashion enthusiasts with whom future collaborations are in the works.

Sunday was beyond exciting for me, as not only did I attend the International Designers Finale, but I was able to put my catwalk to the runway test for the first time. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I kinda rocked it (insert ‘pound it’ emoji here). Below is actual evidence of that, shot by a handful of wonderful photographers.


With Designer Leighel Desiree shooting for her website || Photography by Phelan Marc


Models Backstage || Photography by Phelan Marc


Models Backstage || Photography by Phelan Marc 

A few group shots turned into an impromptu 2-3 minute photoshoot backstage with one of the photographers, who was able to capture the little fire in my eyes, courtesy of the liquid courage I had just ingested.


Impromptu Shoot Before Opening Show || Photography by Ali Rizvi


Impromptu Shoot Before Opening Show || Photography by Ali Rizvi

The highlight of my day was, by far, closing the show for Firefly Africa Asia. Ellen London, the wonderfully talented designer, created a collection whose craftsmanship, ingenuity, and comfort were unmatched in any other collection showcased that evening. I may be biased though, because boyfriend jeans, baggy jackets, and eclectic adornments are right up my fashion alley.


Closing the Firefly Africa Asia Show || Photography by Phelan Marc


Back Detail of My Firefly Africa Asia Ensemble || Photography by Phelan Marc


Final Walk with Firefly Africa Asia Designer Ellen London || Photography by John Mabasa


Opening Act for Leighel Desiree || Photography by Phelan Marc


Leading the Final Flood || Photography by Phelan Marc

 If my recollection of the events left you wanting more DC Fashion Week, photographs of all of the collections are available here.

A mile in his shoes


Walking a mile in my latest photographer’s shoes was just as stimulating as I thought it would be, if not even more so. And, in all honesty, Nick‘s impeccable ensembles more than earned him a few minutes in front of the camera. His intricate, cohesive, and refreshing looks have always inspired me, so I was very curious as to the source of his own inspiration.

“Dipping my toe into photography for the first time has been pretty cool. I have always been interested in the arts and fashion… my brother a ceramicist and talented artist, my aunt a painter, one uncle a crazy good musician, and the other a designer and now interior decorator.  I think those who know me will be quick to confirm my longstanding love of footwear, which I still attribute to the times spent polishing my dad’s shoes for a few bucks when I was young.  DC has allowed me to explore my own thoughts on style, with the welcome sense of “no one really gives a shit” about what I wear… and I say that in the best way. When you feel comfortable enough to just wear whatever you really LIKE, sans-judgement or acceptability, and then figure out what works and what doesn’t… I think that really lends itself to how I like to dress.

I am a firm believer in spending for quality and longevity in clothes, a notion I definitely got from my pops. Denim and leather definitely stand out here, but pretty much anything which develops character as it ages is good by me. What I’m wearing today is pretty representative of that:  my Barbour jacket, Rogue Territory denim work trousers, and a pair of Alden black shell cordovan boots. The commonality: all of these will look better with age when cared for appropriately. The jacket is 3 years old, the jeans coming up on 2 years, and the boots will last me 10 years, easy. I really dig that (and the return on investment).”


And because style is above all a symbol of our own personalities, and a mirror of our creativity, I also wanted to know what Nick hopes to portray through his clothing.

“I follow a blog here on the interwebz calledPut This On”, which I think does a terrific job of presenting the notion of one’s personal style as something accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be all into the street wear drop crotch sweats and YSL sneakers, or wear a suit to lunch on the weekend to consider yourself ‘interested’ in clothes anymore. I think they’ve done a good job at breaking down that stereotype. A few months back, Pete from PTO summed it up pretty well: “… despite the fact that everything we wear is costume, what you wear shouldn’t be costume.  … That said, wearing essentially the same damn thing every day gets boring.”  I couldn’t agree more.” 


Photography by Steponya (sauf the selfie)

Alden Boots || Barbour Jacket || Rogue Territory Jeans || Merola Gloves

P.S.: Nick posts plenty of pictures of his feet on his Instagram (@shacknino)… follow him if you’re into that kind of thing. Bisous!


A walking paradox


The ways in which one can break the mold and revolutionize DC’s official uniform, the black suit, are few and far between. As a keen admirer of all things “grunge,” rebellious, and paradoxical,  layering a skull tank underneath a tailored pant suit was beyond exciting. While I am aware that I may not have exactly revolutionized the suit game,  I like to think I gave it a personal, quirky upgrade.

And, before you shake your head in disapproval of the hem line, beware that tis the new pant length of the season, as per Vogue and Kendall Jenner. I am skeptical about the new, mainly because this little number is vintage, but I won’t complain about the length, which is quite ideal for my avid ankle-flasher ways.

The booties keep me warm, I promise.



26_3Photography by Nick Shano

Ann Taylor Vintage Suit || Fendi Booties || Vans Tank

P.S. Stay tuned for a fun little treat later on this week! Bisous!