El infinito viajar

 I have been relentlessly fighting against settling down and taming my wandering, gypsy soul. However, if Claudio Magris’ Infinito Viajar taught me anything, it’s that the journey never ends. When you return “home”, you find that the once familiar places, the people whose presence warms your heart, and even you, the traveler, have all been changed forever….

Slouchy, comfortable, and chic

I go through phases: elegant and feminine; bodycon anything; slouchy and comfortable; simple and casual. Currently, I’m becoming reacquainted with the “slouchy and comfortable”  look, one that I knew far too well during my high-school days. Yet I’ve evolved. Grey sweatpants have been replaced by baggy trousers. Athletic sweatshirts are now oversized, zippered sweaters. Fleece…