El infinito viajar


 I have been relentlessly fighting against settling down and taming my wandering, gypsy soul. However, if Claudio Magris’ Infinito Viajar taught me anything, it’s that the journey never ends. When you return “home”, you find that the once familiar places, the people whose presence warms your heart, and even you, the traveler, have all been changed forever. You must relearn everything. It’s a different kind of journey, but it’s just as rewarding as physical and geographical travel.

Es posible que todo viaje se dirija hacia su origen, a la búsqueda de su propio rostro (…). El viajero escapa de las constricciones de la realidad, que le aprisiona en la repetición, y busca la libertad y el futuro, o mejor dicho las posibilidades de un futuro todavía abierto y todavía por elegir.” – Claudio Magris

And so I attempt to explore my surroundings, learning and absorbing all of the beauty that surrounds me, falling in love with yet another city and its people. The Former Spanish Ambassador’s Residence is my little sanctuary in this new city. A Beaux Arts mansion, it lures you inside of its grandiose iron gate, it invites you into its bright rooms with elevated ceilings supported by regal, white columns, and it takes your breath away with its intricate, colorful tiles.

Sporting a red kitten heel and this versatile little top (see front knot, side tie, and free fall versions above and below) was my attempt of dancing in tune to my surroundings’ light and playful melody. The studded leather jacket was a bit of a risk, but it worked well with the avant-guarde installations currently on display in this beautifully crafted mansion.


IMG_8354  IMG_8445  IMG_8350  IMG_8332  IMG_8340  IMG_8533 Photography by Nick Shano 

Tobi Maxi T-shirt || Joe’s Jeans || Talbots Heels || Mango Leather Jacket

P.S.: If you still need a reason to check out this architectural gem, the Cutting-Edge Spanish Crafts Exhibit is on display at the Former Spanish Ambassador’s Residence now through March 29th!



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  1. Loved the jacket, great photos 🙂

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