Back to Barcelona

Rambla Catalunya

I can’t decide whether my cyber-absence has been due to a short-term depression caused by once again saying good-bye to the most beautiful city in the world, Barcelona, or whether I’ve just been slowly, and painfully readjusting to sobriety. The latter seems more adequate, considering a Big Boy of Kronenbourg gave me the energy (and inspiration) to abandon my NCIS marathon, and attempt to write this over-due post.

But let’s move on from my weakness for a nice, cold beer, and focus on my week spent in Spain. My loving, and very welcoming European family and I started our weekend off in Salou, a city close to where I spent the first 3 days of my vacation, Tarragona. Although I felt a bit under the weather, and the trip was cut short, I did manage to snap some breathtaking shots of my surroundings.

Salou – Boardwalk

Come Tuesday morning, I headed off to Barcelona, where I was able to rediscover some once familiar places. Although some of you may be unimpressed with the photography that is to follow, keep in mind that I was visiting a city where beer is cheaper than water… I rest my case.

Gems on every corner
Palau de la Musica Catalana – Back
Palau de la Musica Catalana – Front
My absolute favorite building in Barcelona
Mercado del Born
Gothic Quarter – Cathedral
Picasso doesn’t just hide in museums..
Sagrada Familia

All in all, it was an amazing trip, and the credit does not go solely to the destination, but also to the fact that I was able to be among family, something that hasn’t happened in the past month and a half. Sadly, my trip is over. Happily, I get to sleep in my own bed, and not live out of a suitcase. Now I’m off to contemplate my next getaway, most likely in the vicinity of the Riviera.

A toute, bisous!


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