Ridin’ Dirty

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Should I address my absence or not even attempt to justify it? The latter seems much more enticing, especially since I am short on time [although not short on inspiration]. Perhaps we can skip over the formalities and I can introduce you to my new friend you’re about to see a lot of.

No, not the tall, dark, and handsome fella. [that’s Jonas by the way]

The star of the show, the 2017 Breezer Uptown—which is nothing short of sex on wheels. And no, they’re not paying me to write this. I am just actually impressed.

You see, I’ve had a thing with bikes lately. I clung on tight to a handsome surfer while on the back of a motorbike cruising through Bali. I nearly lost it riding a rental up hills on a tiny island in the Sea of Marmara off the coast of Istanbul. Then I hopped on a tandem with my little elf [that would be my best friend—she’s tiny] as we were vineyard hopping in the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. And when I was out of vacation days, the 2017 Breezer Uptown took me on a tour of SE DC, complete with sights of the Capitol and of SCOTUS [shout out to RBG].

And yeah, I may have fallen while we were shooting these photographs, but I take full responsibility. The 2017 Breezer Uptown treated me well, succeeding both as a stylish companion and as a reliable one.

What more can a [needy] girl ask for?

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Zara Skort || Zara Crop Top || Madewell Slip-ons








Photography by Chris Gabello of Standard Production for Breezer Bikes

P.S. thanks, Lenna, for thinking of me! 🙂


Urban Schoolgirl


I usually tend to dress more for the weather than for the season, but as soon as the calendar deems it socially acceptable to throw on my leather-anything, I wait for no further approval from Mother Nature.

I also felt a little inclined to offer some back to school inspiration for anyone who cares to listen, since.. ’tis the season! So what’s my advice? Stick to the basics—backpacks and skirts reminiscent of school uniforms—but elevate the look with unexpected, clashing fabrics [note the flowy, sheer blouse draping playfully against the more defined A-line skirt].

And, ideally, ditch your North Face backpack [are those still a thing?] in favor of a leather counterpart. Because leather.




IMG_9726  IMG_9738  IMG_9753  IMG_9769

Photography by Nick Shano

Lush Blouse || Zara Faux Leather Skirt || ASOS Leather Backpack || Dolce & Gabbana Sunnies|| BCBGeneration Booties


Farewell to summer


Summer may be officially over, but the weather gods are still struggling with this realization. I, personally, am slightly struggling with the sudden loss of my social freedom. Unsurprisingly, watching playful rays of sunshine dance on my window, as I am crouched over my law books ready to crash from exhaustion, only aggravates my melancholic disposition.

And so I turned to my faux lab coat [that has successfully misled some to believe I have some sort of healing powers] to kick my spirits up a notch. Perhaps the coat holds the healing powers, not the person wearing it. Or, perhaps, it was the actual frolicking in seas of fresh greenery and in those aforementioned rays of sunshine that really got my euphoric molecules running again.

 I won’t question the catalyst though, I’ll just gladly accept the happiness.


IMG_9848  IMG_9851  IMG_9852



IMG_9814Photography by Nick Shano

ASOS Coat || American Apparel Shorts || Converse Leather Chucks || Kensie Sunnies