Suited Up


DSC_0910San Remo, a coastal city on the Italian shores of the Mediterranean, proved to be the ideal location for the seasonal premiere of my white short suit.

Ah yes, the white short suit! It was once an ‘ugly duckling’ of sorts, but it has endured many transformations since it first reached my closet. For one, the bottom was initially ankle length, but with a little inspiration and a sewing machine, it was recycled into shorts. On the jacket, where ordinary, white plastic buttons once stood, now shimmer a vintage Oscar de la Renta and 8 gold plated buttons.

So if you have any pant suits in need of a facelift, now you know just what to do!






Photography by Carlos Segura

Talbots Suit || Aldo Shoes || Urban Outfitters Button Up






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  1. jennifer says:

    Super stylish…love what you did

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