Chic things up


I’m not quite ready to stray too far from my summer comfort zone [over-sized shirts and baggy boyfriend trousers], but a high heeled sandal appears to have tamed my craving to chic things up a bit.

 Disclaimer: This sudden need for sophistication may or may not be a direct result of acquiring these stylish Gucci frames, which, by the way, make my summer days a whole lot brighter.







Gucci Glasses || Vintage Button Down || Chico’s Bib Necklace || Rag & Bone Bleached Trouser || Nine West Sandals


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  1. Sarah Long says:

    Absolutely love this – I have been on a major grayscale fashion kick, but this is definitely inspiring me to add a dash of red! Those heels are so fab, too. Xo

    1. steponya says:

      Yes, even if it’s just through lipstick! Always seems to get me out of my “moods” haha

  2. Sandra Hanna says:

    Love everything about this look!

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