An Unapologetic Apology


My  absence from the blogosphere can be reasonably explained by the array of changes that have been happening in my life, all good and gratifying in one way or another, and all certainly very time consuming.

However, I’m learning.

Mainly, I’m learning that the person I want to be will always find the time for something she truly cares about, something she is passionate about, and that something that tickles her insides with fluttering butterfly wings.

But enough of this unapologetic apology. With a little help from my friends, my creative juices are flowing again. And by friends, I mean Tripp Kramer, gifted photographer who captured my white, blue, and black hued attire in perfect symphony with Georgetown’s whimsical fall foliage.

And although you’re all busy drooling over the stunning colors and symmetry of these shots, try not to overlook the fur & fringe party happening in the foreground!





PA180037 Photography by Tripp Kramer

Zara Sleeveless Coat || Max Mara Vintage Button Up || Stella McCartney Trousers || Chico’s Fringed Bag || Enzo Angiolini Booties

P.S. Click on the pictures for full size versions! Bisous 🙂




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