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There are very few things more soothing than walking through my front door after a long, exhausting day.  And when you cannot rely on the comfort of a living soul to welcome you as you return home for the night, you must surround yourself with objects that you truly love, and that bring you some of that comfort that you’re craving.

For me, monochrome furniture mixed with eclectic, colorful accents, and sprinkled with gold-framed art is what brings warmth to my heart. Oh, and pillows. You can never have too many throw pillows. And, of course, a comfy, vintage sweater dress over a lace slip. Usually paired with cozy socks, not stilettos.

PS: Read on for some wonderful news regarding DC Fashion Week!







IMG_7811 - Version 2

Photography by Guergana Stoytcheva and yours truly 

Vintage Dress || Sam Edelman Heels

Surprise! As an attempt to mingle with more fashion forward residents of our nation’s capital, as well as international designers, photographers, and fashionistas, I decided to audition for DC Fashion Week Cycle 22. After a long day of castings and emotions, I am so beyond happy to let you all know that I’ll be walking in the shows! However, February 18 is rapidly approaching, and my catwalk certainly needs some improving.

As I continue to work on that, I cannot contain my excitement for some of the shows I’ll be in, especially Leighel Desiree, and potentially other emerging designers, and international labels.

Wish me luck as I dive into this new and exciting adventure! ♥


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  1. lizzikitten says:

    This post is amazing, you’re gorgeous! Your couch looks so cozy 🙂

    1. steponya says:

      Hey! Thanks so much, and I’m really happy you like my home! Worked hard to put it all together 🙂

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