Urban Schoolgirl


I usually tend to dress more for the weather than for the season, but as soon as the calendar deems it socially acceptable to throw on my leather-anything, I wait for no further approval from Mother Nature.

I also felt a little inclined to offer some back to school inspiration for anyone who cares to listen, since.. ’tis the season! So what’s my advice? Stick to the basics—backpacks and skirts reminiscent of school uniforms—but elevate the look with unexpected, clashing fabrics [note the flowy, sheer blouse draping playfully against the more defined A-line skirt].

And, ideally, ditch your North Face backpack [are those still a thing?] in favor of a leather counterpart. Because leather.




IMG_9726  IMG_9738  IMG_9753  IMG_9769

Photography by Nick Shano

Lush Blouse || Zara Faux Leather Skirt || ASOS Leather Backpack || Dolce & Gabbana Sunnies|| BCBGeneration Booties



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  1. neginfarazdaghi says:

    Happy birthday, Stefania!! Hope you will have an excellent one, and many more to come!! Love the blog, as who else doesn’t like couture?! Keep up the excellent work, and congratulations on finishing up year 2 of law school!! With love, Negin

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