Black and Blue


I may be somewhat predictable when it comes to my choice of palette for my outfits (my closet being monopolized by black pieces), but I absolutely thrive on mixing up textiles as a means of adding depth and interest to an outfit. Silk, fur, leather, and ripped jeans come together flawlessly (as shown above and below) to create one edgy, and extremely comfortable ensemble. Some credit should also be given to the mesmerizing Mediterranean waters behind me for being the perfect backdrop for this black and blue outfit.





 Joe’s Jeans || David Lerner Silk Shirt || Zara Sleevless + Fur Coat || Jonak Paris Booties || Ray Ban Sunnies || Chico’s Watch


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  1. jennifer says:

    Love this one…and Yes quite flawless…accessories complete the outfit..Top five spring trends..Black and white graphic print..denim on denim…ombre’ …texture with shine..cargos and pointy flats…dare I say, again, we’ll I did!!.Fashion styles always comes back around at some point, but with a twist..always fun to see your twist..
    like Sher says…Wear your confidence. Get it Diva
    Love you

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