Clothes speak louder than words


My mother often tells me I wear too much black. She urges me to play a bit with color. Every now and then, I oblige. Exhibit A, pointy red heel. Exhibit B, striking red lip. It may not be much, but I do believe it goes a long way. The elegance and power exuded by the black, the boxy/oversized coat, and the harsh vertical stripes are perfectly complemented by the romantic, passionate vibes emitted by the pops of red. And, given that the bossy romantic in me is described quite well by this attire, I am inclined to suggest that clothes speak louder than words.








Photo credit: Carlos Segura

Zara Faux Leather Leggings || Talbots Shoes || Donna Karan Overcoat || Chico’s Bangles & Brooch || Geneva Bangle Watch || Mezzanine USA Striped High-Low Top


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  1. LUIGI DI SOMMA says:

    Amazing! I agree absolutely!!!

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