Ménage à quatre


As temperatures plummet and the grey winter skies make it hard to see the (sun)light at the end of the tunnel, the only way to keep things hot is with a bit of rhetoric dipped in sexual inuendo. Hence, ménage à quatre, or a fancy way of referring to my layering game.

Today’s special: one part faux leather, one part silky button up, topped with a chunky knit, and finished off with a hooded parka. An added benefit to this coat, amazing zip detail aside, is the faux fur lined interior, which makes it my second favorite approach to staying warm during the frigid winter months – the first being actual human contact.

As for the flash of flesh happening down at my feet, blame it on my European ways, as I am genetically programmed to avoid hem lengths that venture past the ankles.



IMG_8163 IMG_8207 IMG_8102

 Photography by Nick Shano 

Zara Parka || H&M Sweater || Chico’s Button Up ||Zara Faux Leather Pants|| Dolce Vita Flats








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  1. withtinu says:

    Lovely outfit! 😄

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