A walking paradox


The ways in which one can break the mold and revolutionize DC’s official uniform, the black suit, are few and far between. As a keen admirer of all things “grunge,” rebellious, and paradoxical,  layering a skull tank underneath a tailored pant suit was beyond exciting. While I am aware that I may not have exactly revolutionized the suit game,  I like to think I gave it a personal, quirky upgrade.

And, before you shake your head in disapproval of the hem line, beware that tis the new pant length of the season, as per Vogue and Kendall Jenner. I am skeptical about the new, mainly because this little number is vintage, but I won’t complain about the length, which is quite ideal for my avid ankle-flasher ways.

The booties keep me warm, I promise.



26_3Photography by Nick Shano

Ann Taylor Vintage Suit || Fendi Booties || Vans Tank

P.S. Stay tuned for a fun little treat later on this week! Bisous!


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