Visual Awakening


Today is less about rhetorical stimulation, and more about visual awakening. In other others, less talking [or writing] on my end, and a bit more riveting photography for your viewing pleasure. Blame on it my sleep deprivation or blame it on an old conviction of mine that clothes speak louder than words—either way, you probably won’t hate it.

But in case my flashy blazer doesn’t get this message across, I will take a more literal approach and wish you a very happy spring!

IMG_4382  IMG_4380  IMG_4386  IMG_4398  IMG_4397

P.S.: Here’s a little treat you don’t get to enjoy very often—me being goofy, and with an actual smile on my face—mainly because I am feeling extra thankful for all of life’s little kinks and quirks.

IMG_4403  IMG_4411Photography by Nick Shano

Banana Republic Blazer || Tildon Tank || Ann Taylor Loft Trousers ||Sam Edelman Heels|| Ray Ban Sunnies



6 Comments Add yours

  1. sparklythursdays says:

    Love this post. That outfit is fabulous! Loving the yellow in the blazer and the striped pants are gorgeous. Great pictures x

    1. steponya says:

      thank you so much!! it was a lot of fun to wear and shoot! 🙂

      1. sparklythursdays says:

        It certainly shows in the pictures, they are fabulous x

  2. Erin Blythe says:

    Yes beautiful jacket!

  3. H. E. Lexus says:

    Great jacket and some awesome pants. Love the shirt in the mix. Love love love those heels! 😉

  4. molipop says:

    Love love love the striped trousers!
    Molly x

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