King of Shell


Here on Steponya, we’re into funky-ing up the classics, and intermixing the formal and the casual to create eye-catching ensembles is one way of doing just that.

Speaking to its versatility, the Alden LHS [Leisure Hand Sewn] loafer ventures out of the world of cubicles and tailored suits to add a rather dramatic flare to a casual spring look.  Although in the great company of camo socks and light-wash distressed cropped jeans, it doesn’t only hold its own—it steals the show.

After all, the loafer’s shade of leather [Color 8] is thought of as the “king of shell” cordovan colors because of its great variations in color and richness—deep burgundy in the shade versus sultry, red hues in the sunlight.

Snaps for Nick for always keeping things funky fresh.

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Fun fact: they named it Color 8 because the masterminds behind the Horween Leather Company dip the leather 8 times in the dye to achieve this specific color saturation.

5Featuring Nick Shano || Photography by Steponya

Uniqlo Tee and Jeans || Nice Laundry Socks || Alden Shoes || Vintage Carrera Sunnies


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