Meta Girl


I’m really into hats. I’m also really into artsy individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, fellow Terps, and inspirational trips to Spain. Needless to say, joining my creative forces with Meta Cartel and its founder, Jordan Greenwald, just felt right.

I was initially captivated by the simple and functional aesthetic of Meta Cartel’s hats, but quickly learned of all the gorgeous detail that hid beneath the brim of the Santa Maria hat, and I lost it. I love little unexpected treats that lurk beyond the surface—that’s what makes clothing and accessories “speak to me,” as my mother would say.

My excitement continued to escalate as I listened to Jordan speak of his brand:

 “Meta Cartel is much more than just a fashion brand,  but rather a creative arts company with a purpose. As I sat in an underground lounge in Barcelona, Spain, over a year ago, I had a vision of a brand that emulated the same concepts and ideas I was repeatedly seeing on the street. I was really inspired by how powerful the graffiti was over there – the images I was seeing transgressed languages and cultures to deliver a potent (and usually political) message. How could I not be inspired? So I decided right then and there, I was going to create a fashion label, and use this visceral experience as a jumping off point for a creative awakening.”


Meta Cartel released their first collection, “The Revelation Series,” in Spring of 2015. The little number I am sporting in these pictures, as well as my personal favorite—the Pinta—are all available on [along with a bit more info about the brand].

S8 DSC_0471  S13  S12

DSC_0532  DSC_0515  DSC_0498 Photography by Jordan Greenwald of Meta Cartel 

Santa Maria Hat by Meta Cartel || Custom Adidas Stan Smiths || Rag & Bone Bleached Trouser

Disclaimer: Although the lovely people over at Meta Cartel were kind enough to gift me one of their creations, the opinions above are sincere, and entirely my own—unless otherwise stated. 


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  1. fei says:

    This is awesome!! Great pictures

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