G Rated


My search for the perfect pair of overalls has finally come to an end, and at just the right time!

Throughout the last few weeks I have reached more than a couple milestones, all of which have made me feel more like an adult and less like a child. Although thankful for the growth, for the person I am becoming, and for being that much closer to achieving my goals, I want to cling forever to the youth that dwells in my soul — ideally while wearing short overalls and crop tops.

After all, this is more or less what I wore as a 90s baby while prancing around flower-covered hills, while playing soccer on cemented school grounds, or while rollerblading my heart out around my Romanian hometown. Yes, I’ve traded all that in to chase my big girl dreams, but I’d say my spirit is just as playful and juvenile as ever.

IMG_9333  IMG_9270  IMG_9295

IMG_9348 IMG_9297  IMG_9319  IMG_9353  IMG_9371


Photography by Nick Shano

H&M Overalls || Urban Outfitters Crop Top || Adidas mi Stan Smith Kicks || Kensie Sunnies


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